Graphene is Next | h Magazine

Graphene is Next | h Magazine: "The Substance Found in Pencils will Speed Up our Computers One Thousand Fold"Image Courtesy of:

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Top 10 Android Apps - Lifehacker

Top 10 Android Apps - Android - Lifehacker

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TiVo turns the DVR into a Flash-based app platform

TiVo turns the DVR into a Flash-based app platformTiVo turns the DVR into a Flash-based app platformTiVo turns the DVR into a Flash-based app platform Love the new remote!

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Tivo Premiere

I sure miss my old Tivo, DirecTV cut ties with them some years back, I'm now forced to use the DVR they supply :/ That's unless I change cable providers, which may be coming soon.

Tivo has unveiled it's new "Tivo premiere" and it sure does make me want my Tivo UI back.

More news and videos can be found at

Do you use Tivo, a DVR or a media center?

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YouTube - The Coolest Guy in the World 2

He juggles some Google Buzz balls! :)

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Study: Ages of social network users | Royal Pingdom

Read full article at: Study: Ages of social network users | Royal PingdomEstimated average age on social network sites

This made me feel young.

  • The average social network user is 37 years old.
  • LinkedIn, with its business focus, has a predictably high average user age; 44.
  • The average Twitter user is 39 years old.
  • The average Facebook user is 38 years old.
  • The average MySpace user is 31 years old.
  • Bebo has by far the youngest users, as witnessed earlier, with an average age of 28.

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Olympic hockey and the NHL

I enjoyed watching the Olympic hockey matches, but after all the attention it gained it left me wondering if the NHL will now have more of a following? This could work both ways, on one hand it's sure to gain more attention to the NHL. On the other hand, I'm not sure if the NHL can match the quality of play it displayed during the Olympics.

I created a poll to gauge the reaction of the public: <a href="">Following Olympic hockey, will you be watching more of the NHL?</a> | <a href="">BuzzDash polls</a>

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Chatroulette fun

I went and had my turn on Chatroulette last week...

Decided to post up some images tonight and share some links to other sites that are gathering these images, some of which may be NSFW, much like the site itself.

If you haven't experienced the site, brace yourself. 

I'll take a stab at summing up my experience with a percentage of types of people on at any given time:

  • 25% perverts (making it NSFW)
  • 15% dressed up wearing masks or full costumes
  • 15% with sign's asking to see various female body parts
  • 15% just plain bored/normal
  • 10% goofing off with some type of cam effect (this was me)
  • 10% party goers drinking and laughing
  •   5% streaming a video of some sort
  •   5% still images or gif's

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Using Google Buzz on a unsupported Android device

I have the Sprint HTC Hero, which currently is running 1.5

I visit from my browser and it will find my location. Find my nearby buzz, along with the people I follow. I can comment and like. Posting seems to only work when I remove my location though.

Features I'm missing (that I know of):
  • Posting with my location
  • Voice Posting
  • Google Maps with layers

Overall I'm very happy with being able to view all my incoming Buzz and viewing nearby Buzz is a big bonus!

This will hold me over until I get the 2.1 update for my HTC Hero. So if you have been enjoying Buzz on your desktop, and have an Android device that is lower then 2.0, give this a try!

Some notes:

I had to enable GPS to find my location (even though I have my location settings set to find my location using network and wifi).

When trying to post with my location it will seem to go through and return to my buzz stream and will hang at "posting..."

Let me know what works or doesn't work for you.

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