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The goal is to build a community of people's input on a wide range of trending topics from various subjects. I want to allow the community to post new entries and not just comment on the authors entries. This site is just a starting point to a much bigger idea I have, and is a work in progress.

I'm no English major and don't expect anyone posting or commenting here to be one either. Just do the best you can and get your idea across.

If you'd like to post new content on the blog, contact me. I can set up to 100 people with a google account to post here. Commenting can be done with Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Disqus, or an Open ID account.

Visit this page to:
  • Promote your site
  • Start a topic you'd like to discuss
  • Ask a question
  • Post ideas
  • Talk about anything

I'm open to ideas, please submit feedback and or suggestions in the comment box below.

*to be updated*

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