Chatroulette fun

I went and had my turn on Chatroulette last week...

Decided to post up some images tonight and share some links to other sites that are gathering these images, some of which may be NSFW, much like the site itself.

If you haven't experienced the site, brace yourself. 

I'll take a stab at summing up my experience with a percentage of types of people on at any given time:

  • 25% perverts (making it NSFW)
  • 15% dressed up wearing masks or full costumes
  • 15% with sign's asking to see various female body parts
  • 15% just plain bored/normal
  • 10% goofing off with some type of cam effect (this was me)
  • 10% party goers drinking and laughing
  •   5% streaming a video of some sort
  •   5% still images or gif's

Half the time you'll get a muted cam or a blank screen, but the simplicity of the site includes just clicking "next" to view another cam. You also have the option of reporting offending users and chatting. That's all that's to it.

For the most part this site had me laughing for a while and the ability to make people laugh was worthwhile. If you're bored or feel like just getting a few laughs, click away! But please make sure the kids are in bed or you're not at work.

A recent update says " Update:
Connecting might take a while (service is a little overloaded, but nothing too bad, and in a few days all delays should be removed as I get new servers).
I have also been experimenting with new report system. CR should be clean from bad stuff now

So maybe the report system has helped lower the perv's... but I'm sure they'll still be on there. Also seems to not connect as well. This is most likely due to an increasing number of users.

Share your experience and/or photo's here in the comments.

Finally, I'll leave you with some sites getting in on the hype:
A blog post with 24 pic's
Another 30 pic's
Star wars video 
Contributed links:

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