Using Google Buzz on a unsupported Android device

I have the Sprint HTC Hero, which currently is running 1.5

I visit from my browser and it will find my location. Find my nearby buzz, along with the people I follow. I can comment and like. Posting seems to only work when I remove my location though.

Features I'm missing (that I know of):
  • Posting with my location
  • Voice Posting
  • Google Maps with layers

Overall I'm very happy with being able to view all my incoming Buzz and viewing nearby Buzz is a big bonus!

This will hold me over until I get the 2.1 update for my HTC Hero. So if you have been enjoying Buzz on your desktop, and have an Android device that is lower then 2.0, give this a try!

Some notes:

I had to enable GPS to find my location (even though I have my location settings set to find my location using network and wifi).

When trying to post with my location it will seem to go through and return to my buzz stream and will hang at "posting..."

Let me know what works or doesn't work for you.

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